Sunday, June 17, 2012


Bailey Pup the Beagle!

This is the day that we got to meet her! She was just too cute! How could you not fall in love!

This is Bailey and her brother.. you can obviously tell why we picked her. She was the runt of her litter and just so sweet and tiny!

This was the day we got to pick her up! Mother's day! She was the sweetest thing!
She slept the WHOLE way home!!

Her first night was so fun! We played alot!

 Isn't she such a sweet girl!

And such a great snuggler!

The first poo outside. hehe

That is Bailey in Jarred's pocket.......... sleeping!!
He thought she was just being silly and looked down and she was fast asleep! ZZZZ!

She was such a sleepy girl, but that didnt last long!


She loves to play outside, and bring in lots of toys from outside. For a while, she was brining in something every time she went out!

We took her to the beach for the first time! She loved it! Except for the getting sick part from eating too much sand.

Bailey's Bling/Call my parents if I'm lost tag

This is one of my favorite pictures! We were standing in the kitchen cooking and she just walked right in there and went to sleep! It was quite the breakthrough! 

On her way home to meet her family!

Bailey and her cousin Kellen! So sweet!

She also has made quite the messes! This was by far the worst! Yup, that's broken glass everywhere!

But this was minutes later, how could you be mad at that face!

This is the most recent picture of Bailey (yesterday lol). She is getting so big! We went to the doctor yesterday to get shots (ouch) and she has more than doubled her weight and size! She is now a whopping 7 lbs! She shouldn't get more than 20 lbs.

This happened right after the picture! She is always making us laugh!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Bailey! We sure like her a lot! Even though are days of full nights of sleep are very few and far between!

Have a great start to your week!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Honeymoon... better late than never!

Well I made this video of our honeymoon! please excuse my lack of experience. We are going on vacation soon and I wanted some practice so I can make one for that. Also, around the zip line I wanted to put both of our videos in there (you'll see what I mean) just fast forward, it gets boring! Enjoying!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old news!

Continuing on our update! I promise I'm almost done!

We tried the N. Florida beaches and had no luck; we hated it, making us miss home even home! 

Went to my first basketball game (other than [Duke]’s in high school). 

We went to what is called the law school’s barristers ball. Basically all it is is a chance to get all dressed up. 

Then we headed home again for spring break! This time was much more relaxing! Most of which I spent going to Sanibel with my mom and friends! Also, while we were home it was [duke]’s dads birthday, it was s nice to spend it with him. The fun came to an end and had to go back to Tallahassee. These are some of my favorite memories from that week!

After being in Tallahassee less than 24 hours, I came down with pneumonia! It was terrible! I was at the doctor every day for like a week! I know very unflattering.. but what are blogs for lol

While I was getting better, [duke] and I decided we were gonna start a garden from seeds. Now, being in an apartment there is not much room for this, but we decided to use these cute pots we had from the wedding. We recently got our first batch of green beans. Yumm!!

Then it was our 1st anniversary! I know crazy right! One whole year! We had a great anniversary weekend! We went to an FSU baseball, the FSU circus (ya that's right, they have a circus), we went to dinner and he bought me these beautiful flowers! It couldn't have been any better! Also, tradition says you are suppose to eat the top of your wedding cake and through out moving and stuff it remained in Fort Myers on accident. Sad, I know! Well, Jarred's mom had our friend Alex surprise with a cake! How sweet is that?

Towards the beginning of April, it seemed like over night it was spring! This has probably been my favorite time since being here! In south Florida there isn't a lot of changing of the seasons, but here the flowers were blooming and it was a great to have BBQ's!

A week after our anniversary, I was moved to a different banking center (only about 3 miles down the road). They made we feel so special that day! I miss everyone at that branch a lot, but it has been a great move and I am really enjoying it!

So, I am basically caught up now! Last week, our Noles competed in the Super Regional and are on there way to the college world series! It was such a fun a couple of days, besides all the rain!

There is one other big event that happened recently, but it gets its own post! No, it's not a baby, but close! lol hint: she is very furry!

I hope ya'll didn't mind me catching up! I hope to be much more consistent from now on!