Monday, June 11, 2012

Playing Catch Up.....

So I have more than slacking on our blog, I have been just plain lazy but we will call to busy for arguments sake. My last post was about Halloween, geez that is lame! There has been so much excitement going on in the almost 8 months since I wrote last. 

My MotherInLaw made us these incredible curtains! Even an apron to match! I would seriously love to have half of her talent one day! 

We found this incredible coffee table (trunk) at a thrift shop. We love it so much and have not touched it since we got it. We think it’s perfect just the way it is! Maybe one day I’ll paint it and distress it. [Duke] posing in the background of course!

 Our best friends are getting married in November and they asked us to be in the wedding [Duke] is the best man! We are just entirely too excited for them to get married! This is how they asked us since we are six hours away! So cute!!
[Duke] is just too cute in a suit! We just can't wait!

I guess that kind of just introduced our real names too! 
Duchess: Jacey
Duke: Jarred

We of course we went to every home football game! Go Noles! 

We got a gold fish, at the fair of course! We, [Duke] and I and our friends Alex and Erin, all put names in a hat to decide his name and Genghis Khan was the winner. I’m pretty sure [Duke] put that one in there. For whatever reason, me and [Duke] were not good fish owner. It did not end well! It was a sad day at the Duke household! 

Our parents came up for Thanksgiving, one set the week before and one the week after. It was so nice to show them around town and introduce them to our new town. 

I took my teaching certification test and passed! We were very excited about that, but I am still looking for a job, which they say takes time so I’m being patient. 

We celebrated Alex’s birthday with our typical Mexican and a cake! 

We survived out first winter in Tallahassee. I know its Florida, but it is still cold! Downtown Tallahassee is absolutely stunning during Christmas, we loved just walking around and enjoying the lights! 

Then in was time to head south for Christmas, we had a great time spending it with our families, but it was probably the busiest we have ever been. I felt like we were in the car the whole time! That all a side, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! [Duke]’s mom displayed her crafting talents again by making us monogrammed towels and sheets! My parents gave us a grill for Christmas, which we were super stoked about! We cooked on it as soon as we got home! I also had wanted a sewing machine for a long time and [Duke] surprised me with my very first one for Christmas! I couldn’t wait to just wander through Joann’s and find all kinds of projects to do.

We visited the zoo in Jacksonville! We had a great time! We even got to feed the giraffe, and his name was DUKE! How perfect is that? 

Well that's enough catching up for tonight! We are pooped.. it was a long weekend... that will be in tomorrow's catch up!

Night all,


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