Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

This is the first year that I haven't spent with my dad. Not for anything serious, he just had to take my brother to a bowling tournament! Which I am sure is exactly how he wanted to spend his Father's Day (hint of sarcasm)! Needless to say, I really missed him! My mom and brother got him a Kindle which he super pumped about and [Duke] and I got him the case to go with it (hopefully he doesn't see this before I give it to him). Since my dad was out of out, we spent it with [Duke's] dad. We had a great evening at the beach grilling, fishing, watching the sunset; it was great!
[Duke] and  I on the way to the beach!
A good one of both of us (he is smiling!!)

This is the MUNCH (short for munchkin)!
Our first nephew!
He really is so great, we love him so much!
How could you not, he is just so stinkin cute!
Start of our picnic!

Sister-in-law(Ellen), Father-in-law(Mike), and me 
enjoying some watermelon.

The Munch loved the watermelon.... so much that when you took it away...

This is what happened!

Well I hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day!
What did ya'll do to make your dads feel special on their special day?


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  1. I like your blog!! & your wedding dress is so gorgeous!! :-) New follower!