Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Post!

This is OUR first post! Little Miss Southern Love introduced us to this blogging thing, and what I know of it so far... I love it! We are newlyweds (our two MONTH anniversary is today) and we figured we would document our new life together; the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. We are living in Fort Myers with our parents (it's not as bad as you would think) until [Duke] starts law school in the fall. We have it narrowed down to two schools, either FSU in Tallahassee, Fl or UF in Gainesville, FL (we will let everyone know when we find out). We also thought as we move onto this next chapter in our live, we will track our journey and also keep our families in the loop!

This is [Duke]
Our last name is Duke!
And I am his [Duchess]

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  1. Welcome to blogging! (: I love your blog it is so cute!! <3