Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday Evenings....

So, every Monday myself and Duke go to OUR  cousins house (I love saying that now) to watch Bachelorette (Jess and I watch, the boys just complain how there are all men and only one girl). They cook dinner and we bring dessert (I know, it seems a little unfair on their end, but when we get our own place, promise we will cook all the time). We have such a great time and enjoy their 1 year old, JP (AKA our favorite 1 year old) more than anything. He really is one of the happiest kids we have been around. So, there is this video called Gummy Bear that is absolutely ridiculous and there must be subliminal messaging it because all the babies in our family love it, but JP reacts the best! He loves to dance! Enjoy!
This the happy boy and me... I love him!!
This is what normally gets brought.... junk food junkies!! LOL

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  1. I love this post!!! We enjoy cooking dinner for you guys. And yes, we will come visit you when you get your own place to enjoy your cooking. Love you!