Monday, August 1, 2011


Well I know.. We have been slacking on the blog, but between the packing, moving, unpacking, getting all settled in at our new apartment, and starting a new job, we have been really busy! [Duke] starts school in 24 days and counting! So much has happened since our last posts. We had a going away party with alot of our friends and family. We said good bye to everyone back home and made the 6 hours drive to Tallahassee! We are renting an apartment in an area called Southwood. It is a really nice part of Tallahassee, like 5 minutes from my work and probably 15 from [Duke]'s school!

From the outside, it looked quite cute and quaint... but on the inside.....

It looked like a bomb went off!

We had so much to unpack, between my stuff, his stuff, and stuff from the wedding, we were definitely overwhelmed!
More mess!

[Duke] helping un-pack MORE boxes!
(We should have counted)

Then we got our first visitors. Our friends from Fort Myers, Christine and John Stockeland, had moved to Kansas about 6 months and they were moving back to Florida, and they stopped to see us! It was great to see friends. (Kept us from getting home sick too fast!) They also happened to be here for my birthday! They were here to have waffles for breakfast and then I was off to my first day as a personal banker here in Tallahassee! My first day at work was great! Everyone seems to be great, which is very refreshing from what I am used to! After work, [Duke] had made me a very nice dinner and also baked me some brownies! He did a great job! We spent the evening in, watching Bachelorette and Skypeing with family!
Birthday brownies!

THEN we got some more visitors! Little Miss Southern Love and her new fiance [KP] came to see us! We had such a great time exploring the town, finding some new restaurants to eat at, and finding all the cute boutiques around town! Also, this weekend was [Duke]'s birthday!
You can't see this too well, but the day we were walking around downtown, the termometer read 100 degrees! It was so hot!

This was a little farmers market we stumbled across! We didnt get anything, but definitely very excited about going back!
This is one of the many beautiful courthouses downtown here in Tallahassee!

A deli downtown sporting their FSU pride!

[KR], [KP], and [Duke] making dinner!

Making [Duke]'s favorite cake: strawberry cake with cream cheese icing! 

The boys wanted to make JELL-O... who knows!!

[KP]'s cheese ball!! DELICIOUS! Ask him for his recipe!


The birthday boy and his cake!

The birthday dinner spread!

Typical! Getting some putting in before the sun sets!

Then the boys made daiquiris! 

The birthday boy blowing out his candles!

So, here is a recap of the last two to three weeks! we have missed all of ya'll so much! please keep us in your prayers and thoughts, and we will continue to keep ya'll posted.


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  1. We had such a great time with you guys! Thanks again for having us.