Thursday, September 1, 2011

We love having visitors!

Since we have been here, we have been extremely spoiled by having guests every weekend. Our first weekend here, we had friends moving back to Florida stop by, then the next our friends KR and KP came to see us for the weekend, and then the next my bestie Erin stopped by for the weekend! Here are some pictures from her trip!

Erin and Jarred ... not very enthused!
We tried this new snow ball place (if you are from Louisiana/visited, you know what these are) if not they are snow cones with ice cream in the middle, and then any flavor snow cone you could possibly think of! They are great!

Then we discovered this magical place called Wakulla Springs... it's crazy... the water is so so incredibly clear! It's a must visit if you are in Tallahassee! We went on an extremely crappy day and it still was great!

They called this the shell station. Made me laugh! 

I didnt watch in time but there is a gator under the water and watched him eat something! This was probably the best part the trip.

This gator lived at the bottum of the spring forever, until someone killed him. It was quite the upset! Supposedly, he was a friendly gator! 

I guess back in the day they thought it was ok for people to look over your stall. Erin in flat footed.. obviously we had to take a picture!

We had such a great time and I miss her very much!! Can't wait till she visits again! hint hint!

So... that was our visit.... and I am very sorry for the long stalls between posts, but now that law school has started (it started monday), I am sure I will be having PLENTY of blog time!


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