Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you ready for some FSU football???

College football seems to be so much more exciting than PRO. I don't know whether it is the fact that you are going to school with the actual players, or the band, or just the straight passion. It is just crazy, you go to eat and everyone one in the ENTIRE restaurant has the same color on! Whatever it is the excitement and atmosphere seem to be addicting. 
For the first week college football, we were spending time with [Duke's] family. Which means we missed our new teams first game! We watched from home and learned quickly the form of the perfect "chop". Overnight we became die hard FSU fans (well kind of, I am a die hard FGCU fan, but until they get a football team, FSU will do ;) ). Before we left for Tallahassee, my momma thru us a FSU themed going away party, so we were decked out in the latest FSU garb and very excited to put it to good use! Our Seminoles won 62-10 and we absolutely loved it! This game actually happened to be my FIRST college football game! 

On our way to the game, we saw this! I told [Duke] we has to get this to keep our #1 fan status!

Me, very excited for the game!

[Duke], pretending to be as excited as me!

Wearing our FSU Garnet&Gold!

Doak Campbell Studium!

Me and the hubs!

[Duke] and his new friend Alex!
(we were teasing that when they open their firm, I'll put this in their first newsletter)


[Chief Osceola]

Bobby Bowden Field!

The band was huge! at one point they covered the whole field! (my phone AND camera had both died.....typical)

We had such a great time!!! Next week is THE #5 FSU SEMINOLES vs #1 Oklahoma! Tickets have been sold out for months so we won't be going but we have a bunch of friends coming up to join in the festivities! Blog post to follow! I will be sure to charge the camera!

Who is your favorit college football team??

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  1. Cute pictures!! Looks like you had a great first experience. Can't wait for the FSU v UF game. It should be interesting! Go gators xoxo

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog this week you should enter!!
    Have a great week girly! (: